Heather Raquel Phillips is a mixed race, interdisciplinary artist and independent curator. As a resident and native to the Philadelphia area, she creates her work with a tight knit community of friends to create intimate imagery & visibility for her subjects. 

Phillips works with queer subjects to represent and produce autonomy for negated identities. She is not looking to gain acceptance but rather, striving for the liberation from normative compartmentalization. Through the use of photography, video, performance & Tex(T)iles,* Phillips frames an intimate, critical and celebratory sensibility that disrupts the status quo and creates a platform for her subjects to unapologetically exist.

Through equal employment of documentary & conceptual practices she develops her documentary work into conceptual pieces. Centering her work on her local community of queer, trans, gender non-conforming, POC & kinky misfits. She works to create a collaborative conversation that disturbs expectations by diving headlong into tropes & stereotypes. By disarming the audience with dark humor and camp techniques Phillips welcomes the viewer into a conversation that aims to destigmatize societal biases surrounding gender, sexuality, race, class & other constructs rooted in white supremacist, patriarchal & heteronormative standards.

Phillips received her BFA from Tyler School of Art and her MFA from University of Pennsylvania where she was the recipient of the prestigious Toby Devon Lewis Fellowship, as well as the Stuart Egnal Scholarship Award. She has recently shown work at Mama Gallery, LA, the Ice Box Project Space, NAPOLEON &Space 1026  in Philadelphia,  BLAM Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Hyphen, D.C. & The Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. She had a solo show in Spring of  2018 at James Oliver Gallery in Philadelphia. She is a member of the artist run space, NAPOLEON, a lecturer in The fine arts department at The University of Pennsylvania & Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2017.