Ebay store

I opened an ebay store this week. I am totally obsessed. I can't stop checking the listings.

It's so amazing that I could probably sell through the entire winter and spring without going to thrift store to find clothes to list, all I have to do is visit my closet.

For instance, I just cleaned it out on a whim yesterday. I came up with two knee high piles of clothes and shoes. One pile for thrift and one to sell on ebay. It didn't even make a dent in my closet.

Why do I keep garments around for so long? It so freakish. I have my shirt hanging in my closet that I work for my high school sophomore picture, and ya know what, I'm not getting rid of it. No way, I love that shirt! Do I wear it? No. I just like to see it. I'm not gonna pack it way in some box.

Even then, it's not as if I don't wear any of my old clothes. In fact I often do and that's why they stay around for so long. I still fit all my clothes from when I was 18 so the pieces that I keep do get used. I know it sounds crazy but, it's the way I am. And I am not a slob with boxes piled to the ceiling with a pathway to the bathroom, kind of pack rat.I am the opposite, OCD clean and tidy..yep, believe it.

Anyway, point is I don't need all of these clothes and for some reason keeping alot of them make me feel secure. This Ebay store is going to be very cleansing for me. Yesterday, I got rid of more at one time than I ever have in my life & I don't feel like I'm going to miss any of it. Except maybe just that one 15 year old b/w striped turtleneck ;). We'll see, I should be alright.

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