introducing Suzy

Well, you can only work at the SPCA for so long before you have another pet.
This is my new girl Suzy Quattro aka Susan, aka Suzanne.

Alias's include Susan K. Lewis, Suzanne Somers, Susan Powder, Susan Q Lucci.

She was in a puppy mill until a couple months back when the mill got busted. She has been making progress everyday  at her new home with her "big brother", Simon (whom she watches very closely. Yesterday she learned to walk up and down stairs! 

Please people, if you're thinking about getting a pet adoption is the answer. There are so many great animals looking for permanent homes &  the loyalty and love you will receive from one of these pets is incomparable. They never forget what you have done for them and even if you are inclined toward a certain breed (like myself) you can always find them out there too.