corcavado, costa rica.

these are pictures from the tent camp i stayed at on the osa peninsula in costa rica.
many of my rain forest pictures come from my excursion to corcavado, the largest
national jungle preserve in the nation (which i traveled to while staying at this camp.

i traveled here and to corcavado by boat and with each stop got out knee deep in water.
 a far cry from a luxury hotel- i still had a sound bed, electricity and wifi. 
it was like nothing i had ever experienced & it took a few moments for me to adjust my proverbial sails. 
mainly, my fear came from walking in the dark at night with a flashlight that created alot of shadows. i also have a great fear of rodents (which i didn't see) however, i was fortunate enough to wake up to monkeys playing on the top of my tent. 

it's remarkable what you can experience when you let go of the reigns.
i let my friend plan this trip without even looking into the details.
otherwise i may have never stepped foot on this campsite.