Deacon Lloyd Butler at the 19th Street Baptist Church, Philadelphia

Today as I rode my bike south on 19th street, I stopped to chat with a man cleaning up outside the fenced in 19th st. Baptist Church. 

His name was Deacon Lloyd Butler. 

Deacon Butler explained the state of affairs of the church. 

Built in 1874-75 by the renowned philadelphia architect, Frank Furness. The church is now in dire need of restoration. 

The congregation does not have the funds. Historic restoration is extremely expensive.

As we talk, the walls crumble. He is quick on his toes to move. I'm sure he is used to this. Pieces of the facade fall around us. He has been out front sweeping up debris for God Knows how long.

He stays upbeat. Putting his time in to protect the neighborhood passerbys. To protect the vehicles parked on the block. But, the first stumbling stone is merely being able to afford a sidewalk bridge in order to contain the debris. 

This congregation needs help to save their place of worship and this philadelphia historical landmark. They need volunters. They need donations. They're not begging, They're out there doing all that they can on their own but they're aware that it will take an army.

If you have anything to donate-time, resources or monetarily- Please do so at

*to specify the 19th Street Baptist Church has a new Pastor, Wilbour D. Winborne 
*The church has also received support from The University of Pennsylvania