st peter's basilica

i never want to forget the feelings of walking into these spaces.
5 years ago i traveled to england and france and never thought i'd see a
cathedral more beautiful than san chapelle. but it's funny as much as i loved that space
and even remember entering that room nothing takes the cake as st. peter's did.

but, i've been thinking about then and now. 5 years ago, where was i? in school, my 4th year (it took me 6 years to put myself through college- working and studying 7 days a week for most of that 6) i was 31 and had 7 years sober. but, in many ways i still was contained in a bubble. i don't remember feeling so moved by anything. is it time or is it that i have become more in tune with myself and my feelings or the combination of these things? regardless, i was extremely moved when i entered the basilica.

immediately, i viewed the pieta'. i'm not including the picture because i dislike the reflections in it (it's covered in glass) and as remarkable a piece of work that it is (especially that michelangelo completed it when he was 23) as i turn and take in all the grandeur of this space i am again moved to tears, my breath is taken and i cannot even seem to move my feet.

stunned by the beauty. absolutely prolific.

and i am aware that i am dead in my tracks and every time i go to take a few steps, i am stunned to stop and take in the glory of this space and all that it contains. you don't have to be pilgrim or religious or spiritual in any way to understand. this is beyond beautiful.

but, this will be the last i write about getting all weepy over art and space. in fact i will add what did get my feet moving was a "security guard" who was following me. young Italian kid circling me and i thought, "really... in here... the way i'm feeling right now? leave me alone"

Italian men, another blog. strange birds in deed.

i had to shoot several dirty looks in st. peter's to get my point across that this was NOT okay.

but again, i digress. i will say that when i see something on a tour, i am usually done with it. onto the next destination. i don't really like to revisit the same places again and again but i would absolutely return to this destination.